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Who Are We?

Our team strives to create a profound change in the world, one person at a time.
By delivering what everyone deserves: a holistic experience. 
In fact, Holistic should be spelled as WHOListic. 

It takes the entire self to be able to deal with the whole: 
the whole person, 
the whole potential, 
the whole human experience.

It takes sensitivity to deal with the philosophy of the mind, 
it takes empathy to understand the biology of the body, 
it takes creativity to relate to the science of the spirit and
it takes intelligence the connect it all. 

We take in consideration you as a whole, so we offer an array of services that calms the mind, treats the body, engages the spirit. 

Organically grown through a process of serendipitous and not by accident encounters, our team is a mix of courageous, simple and complex, innovative and creative, passionate and resilient people who came together to transform dreams (and a school) in a tangible reality (in a center to the community). 

Empowering us all - Captain: Scotty Ewusiak

Energizing the Valley: Josh Pyles

Dribbling sports and events: Chase Groves

Our story is a tapestry of searching and finding, learning and healing, awakening and empowerment. Together we float on the waves of gratitude and happiness.

We are: BlueWave Center!

"A wave is never found alone, but is mingled with the other waves." 

Leonardo da Vinci