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Mission Statement

Ride the wave towards your fitness goals.

Bluewave Fitness 24 is a health club in the Ohio Valley whose sole purpose is to enhance the quality of life for any person at any age in the local community. It offers a qualified staff and assures a safe, clean, educated, and highly motivated atmosphere that will ensure every individual hits their goals, whether it’s for training for a competition race or for the ultimate marathon in life which is the preservation of health and wellness.


24-Hour Fitness - NOW OPEN

At Bluewave Fitness 24, we are a one-stop shop for health and wellness.  From losing weight, increasing strength and flexibility, to taking your training to the next level with nutrition and recovery, we are here to help. Not only do we offer support, motivation, and care from our highly qualified staff in a safe, clean, spacious environment, with a wide variety of strength, cardio and functional training equipment, we are also a welcoming community with people of all fitness levels who want to see each other succeed.

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Check back soon for more information on services offered by Bluewave Center.

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Impact Cryotherapy cryo chambers promote natural healing and wellness using cold temperatures that range from -90 Celsius (-130ºF) to -120 Celsius (-184ºF). This is a fast and effective alternative to your traditional ice bath. Cryotherapy is a safe and preventative for many ailments.

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AllCore 360° empowers patients, athletes, seniors and everyday people to train their core muscles for improved performance and recovery in a new, more efficient way.

Essentially, the AllCore360° allows you to perform a perfect 360° degree plank from a safe seated position. You will develop balance strength and coordination in the over 50 muscles in your core.

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Chase Groves from Next Level Athletics LLC, offers fundamental basketball skills development and training programs. He strategically evaluates each player in his innovative program and develops a plan to increase athletic performance.

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Syna is always focused on the WHY. Why are we doing such exercises, why is it relevant to on the field performance. Every program is customized to fit each individual clients needs and goals. Once each athlete’s goals are asset, Syna’s mission statement, philosophy and experience moves into making an elite program, which maximizes strength, speed and conditioning to make the athletes better.

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Compression Therapy

The Normatec Pulse Pro uses air pressure massage to relieve muscle aches or pain and temporarily increase circulation to the treated area. Programs are customized for targeted attention where you need it most. This will include personalized sessions for rehab, recovery, and injury treatment to improve your body’s maneuverability and enhance your longevity. The Normatec Pulse Pro can be programed to target the feet, legs, quads, hamstrings, IT band, glutes, lower back, hands, wrists, biceps, triceps, rotator cuffs, lats, and base of the neck.

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"The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body. The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results."

Anthony Robbins