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What is AllCore 360?

Join the Core Therapy Revolution

AllCore 360° exists to empower patients, athletes, seniors and everyday people to train their core muscles for improved performance and recovery in a new, more efficient way.

Essentially, the AllCore360° allows you to perform a perfect 360° degree plank from a safe seated position. You will develop balance strength and coordination in the over 50 muscles in your core.

We are basically born with three core imbalances:

  • Front to back imbalance (Due to walking upright)
  • Right to left imbalance (Due to us being right/left handed)
  • Clockwise vs. counter-clockwise preference (Due to our activities)

The AllCore360° identifies the imbalances and begins to correct them. Your Core is only as strong as its weakest link!

The AllCore360° System is designed to stimulate every core muscle to deliver rehabilitation and long-term performance for users of virtually all abilities.

  • Powerful Results (Sessions are only 10 minutes, 3x per week - stronger core, better posture and improved balance)
  • Low Impact (Engage 50+ core muscles with isometric contractions
  • Whole Body Wellness Effective (Positively impact core stabilization, balance and coordination)
  • Customizable (Recovery or training at any level)
  • Safe (For High School, collegiate and professional Athletes, Golfers, seniors, people who suffer from low back pain, physical disabilities, and spinal injury patients)





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