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The Movement

SYNA is always focused on the WHY. WHY are we doing certain exercises? WHY are those exercises important to on-field success? Every program is customized to fit each individual client’s needs and goals. Once each athlete’s goals are assessed, Syna trains based on their mission statement, philosophy and experience translates into making an elite program, which maximizes strength, speed and conditioning to make the athletes better.


Our coaches are certified, national strength coaches and hold a bachelor degree in exercise physiology. Having coaches of high quality education and experience, has formulated into some of the most instant results. With each rep, coaches correct body positioning, ensuring safety and results - every rep, every set.

SYNA is not just physical strength training, it is also mental strength training. Our team builds the individual inside and out. This is your challenge to become elite. You are pushed to become more, to go further. We are changing the way people view their lives in order to make their goals become a reality. Because at the end of the day, nothing helps you see more positively, then through the lens of confidence.

This is your challenge to become elite, your green light. This is your time to take control of yourself, achieve your goals,and realize your own true potential. This moment, now more than ever, is time to take action towards your ambitions. Rise up. Move.


SYNA is focused on individual achievement through personalized, result-driven sports performance and fitness training programs. Made up of dedicated, educated, and skilled coaches who utilize their own athletic background and experience to enhance the abilities of each athlete. SYNA creates the optimal training environment for success. On any given day of the week, you may find a middle schooler next to a D-I prospect or a professional athlete.

SYNA is specifically designed to help clients of all ages exceed their goals and take their game to the next level.

Our proprietary training programs include:

  • Individualized programs
  • Personalized training, within a small group, upholding a 5:1 athlete to coach ratio
  • Customized nutrition plans designed to maximize performance and recovery
  • New SYNA Sports Recovery system with scientific proof that you will return to the field feeling refreshed and at your best
  • SYNA’S READY TO PLAY program builds strength and mobility in order to return from previous injuries, such as ACL tears, AC joint sprains, and much more.

SYNA clients can take advantage of the same training protocols that our professional athletes utilize to improve their strength, speed, and overall performance. Our programming is customized for every client, age, sport, and fitness level.

Oftentimes, the difference between winning and losing can be measured by inches, yards or seconds.Through our coaches’ attention to these small details, you could notice improvement in as little as two weeks. Our coaches are experts in their field with years of professional training, as well as on the field experience. Whether it would be football, volleyball, basketball, softball, or wrestling, our coaches have produced some of the nations’ and worlds’ best athletes.

For more information, contact: (740) 310-1134